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Recycled Polymer Tyre Microfibres

Introducing Recycled Polymer Tyre Microfibres (RPTM), a game-changing solution for enhancing the performance and sustainability of concrete.

Polypropylene fibres have long been utilised in concrete for their numerous benefits, both in its fresh and hardened states. However, a staggering amount of polymer fibre (approximately 63,000 tonnes) is recovered from End-of-Service tyres each year, but due to contamination from fine rubber dust, it is often incinerated, only recovering a fraction (~25%) of the energy used in their production.

The Waste Framework Directive discourages incineration as a disposal method, emphasising the need for prudent recycling of tyre by-products in high-value applications that utilise their inherent physical properties. This is where RPTM steps in.

RPTM serves as a novel substitute for conventional polypropylene fibres, specifically designed to improve the sustainability of explosive spalling mitigation methods in concrete. Rapid heating can lead to explosive spalling, particularly in high-performance concrete (HPC) due to its low permeability. By incorporating RPTM, we mitigate the risk of spalling while utilising recycled materials.

Additionally, RPTM effectively addresses plastic shrinkage cracking, a common issue during concrete placement and drying. Traditionally, polypropylene fibres have been the go-to solution for mitigating plastic shrinkage. Now, RPTM provides a sustainable alternative for this purpose.

The diameter of RPTM fibres ranges from 11µm to 23µm, with lengths varying between 2mm to 6mm. The melting point of RPTM falls within the range of 210ºC to 260ºC.

Join the Sustainable Concrete Revolution:
Discover the immense potential of Recycled Polymer Tyre Microfibres. By incorporating RPTM, you're not only enhancing the performance and durability of concrete, but also contributing to a circular economy by repurposing waste materials. Contact us today to explore how RPTM can transform your projects and help build a more sustainable future. Let's revolutionise the way we approach concrete construction together.


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