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Steel Microfibres

Introducing Steel Microfibres (SM), a high-performance solution for concrete reinforcement. These microfibres are precision-cut to length from round brass-coated steel wire.

The SM14/.2 fibres possess exceptional characteristics that elevate their effectiveness in concrete applications:

  • Length: Each fibre measures 14 mm, with a tolerance of ±1.5mm. This precise length ensures consistency and allows for seamless integration into concrete mixes.

  • Diameter: The fibres have a diameter of 0.2 mm, with a tolerance of ±0.015 mm. This fine diameter enables them to efficiently disperse within the concrete matrix, enhancing their reinforcing capabilities.

  • Tensile Strength: With a tensile strength of 2,850 MPa, the SM14/.2 fibres provide robust reinforcement, contributing to improved crack control and enhanced structural performance.

By incorporating Steel Microfibres into your concrete projects, you benefit from their exceptional mechanical properties and reliability. These fibres reinforce the concrete matrix, increasing its resistance to cracking, improving impact resistance, and enhancing overall durability.

Experience the Power of Steel Microfibres:
Unlock the full potential of your concrete structures with Steel Microfibres. Our precise and high-strength fibres provide a reliable and sustainable solution for enhancing the performance and longevity of your UHPC projects. Contact us today to explore how Steel Microfibres can transform your concrete applications and set new standards in strength and durability.


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