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Recycled Steel Undulated Fibres

Introducing Recycled Steel Undulated Fibres (RSUF), a solution derived from post-processing steel by-products from the manufacturing of steel wool.

During the steel wool production process, a steel rod of consistent thickness is meticulously pulled through a toothed die, which removes thin wire shavings. The process continues until the wire is deemed too thin for shaving, resulting in its disposal.

The by-product steel wire maintains a consistent circular segment cross-section and possesses a tensile strength of approximately 900MPa. This wire undergoes post-processing to transform it into RSUF.

RSUF finds diverse applications as fibre reinforcement in concrete, making it ideal for industrial floors, pavements, precast concrete, tunnel linings, and composite deck applications. This unique fibre establishes a continuous bond with concrete, allowing it to effectively capture cracks during the early stages. As a result, RSUF becomes highly desirable for shrinkage control applications. The enhanced bond is achieved through the undulated deformation along the fibre's length, combined with an efficient cross-section and longitudinal grooves formed during the wire shaving stage, maximising surface area. The fibre's shape prevents agglomeration and ensures seamless integration into concrete, even at higher dosages.

Unlock the Potential of RSUF:
Discover the remarkable capabilities of Recycled Steel Undulated Fibres and witness its transformative power in concrete reinforcement. With RSUF, you'll experience improved performance, enhanced crack resistance, and exceptional shrinkage control. Contact us today to explore how RSUF can elevate your concrete projects and contribute to a more sustainable future. Let's build a world where innovation, resilience and eco-consciousness coexist harmoniously.

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When we work together, our mission becomes reality. Join us to make every fibre count!

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