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Recycled Steel Cord Fibres

Introducing Recycled Steel Cord Fibres (RSCF), an exceptional solution derived from post-processed waste steel cord, a by-product of steel cord manufacturing. RSCF represents a significant advancement in fibre technology, surpassing conventional steel fibres in mechanical properties, including tensile strength and bond characteristics. Not only does RSCF offer superior performance, but it also boasts outstanding environmental credentials. The energy required to convert waste steel cord into usable fibres is only a fraction of what is needed to produce new steel wires, making RSCF a sustainable choice. With the potential to revolutionise reinforced concrete construction, RSCF disrupts not only the existing steel fibre market, but also makes significant strides in the larger conventional concrete reinforced markets.


We currently offer the following types of RSCF:

Unlock the Potential of RSCF:
Discover the transformative power of Recycled Steel Cord Fibres and elevate the performance and durability of your concrete structures. With RSCF, you gain access to cutting-edge technology that delivers exceptional results while minimising environmental impact. Contact us today to explore how RSCF can revolutionise your projects and contribute to a more sustainable future. Let's reshape the world of reinforced concrete construction together.

When we work together, our mission becomes reality. Join us to make every fibre count!

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