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Recycled Steel Tyre Microfibres

Introducing Recycled Steel Tyre Microfibres (RSTM), an extraordinary breakthrough in sustainable construction. Derived from End-of Service tyres, RSTM presents an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional steel fibres, designed to elevate the structural integrity of concrete, mortar, and grout.

RSTM consists of ultra-high strength and flexible steel wires, that form a robust and dense reinforcing network within concrete. This remarkable material offers superior micro-cracking control, surpassing the capabilities of conventional fibres or rebar.

As a pioneering and cost-effective eco-innovation, RSTM breathes new life into end-of-service reinforcing material from the tyre industry, extending its lifespan as a vital component in concrete construction. By facilitating the transition towards a circular economy, it tackles the mounting issue of problematic waste streams and accelerates sustainable practices.

Key Benefits:

  • Unparalleled Environmental Impact: RSTM boasts an exceptional up to 95% reduction in carbon footprint when compared to conventional steel fibres. By choosing RSTM, you're actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

  • Remarkable Affordability: Enjoy up to 50% cost savings compared to conventional steel fibres, without compromising on performance. RSTM offers an affordable solution that empowers your projects and budget.

  • Synergistic Performance: Experience the extraordinary synergy between RSTM and recycled or conventional steel macro fibres. Together, they deliver superior performance that surpasses the capabilities of individual fibres, ensuring optimal structural integrity.

Unlock the Potential of RSTM:
Join the sustainable construction revolution by harnessing the extraordinary benefits of Recycled Steel Tyre Microfibres. Embrace a construction solution that champions environmental responsibility without sacrificing performance or affordability. Contact us today to explore how RSTM can transform your projects and contribute to a circular economy. Together, let's build a future that harmonises progress with sustainability.

Recycled Steel Tyre Microfibres for UHPC

for Ultra High Performance Concrete

Recycled Steel Tyre Microfibres for Normal & High Strength Concrete

for Normal & High Strength Concrete

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